10 Tips for Braces Pain

A woman placing both hands on the side of her mouth, with a look of pain on her face.

It is no secret that one of the common cons that can come with braces is discomfort and pain — especially during the initial installation and subsequent wire tightenings. However, if braces prove to be too painful for you, even after following pain management techniques, talk to your orthodontist about …

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What Is Lip Incompetence?

Lip incompetence

Lip incompetence, also known as mentalis strain, refers to a condition characterized by an inability to easily hold the lips together while at rest. Other common features of lip incompetence include protruding lips, and strain in the lower facial region when you try to seal your lips. Many people with …

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When Do Kids Lose Their Teeth?

Two young boys smiling at the camera.

Teeth are one of the earliest dental concerns for most parents. There is a normal timeline on which parents can expect baby teeth to emerge and then fall out. There are also some best practices that parents can follow when caring for their children’s baby teeth, while they are emerging …

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